Oona's Harp Samples

Click the blue links in the table below to hear a short sample of each song. You may be able to play the clips straight away, depending on your internet connection and processor speed. If the track seems to stop and start, wait for the track to complete and then press the play button on your media player and the sample should play without any problems.


Flower Duet Canon In D
Arabesque No 1 Chaconne
Gymnopedie No 1 Prelude No 3
Trumpet Voluntary Passacaille
Bridal March Prelude in C

Popular Music

Cavatina Theme From 'Titanic'
I Get A Kick Out Of You Unchained Melody
Hey Jude Theme From 'Harry Potter'

Traditional English

Greensleeves Scarborough Fair

Traditional Welsh

Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn Dafydd y Garreg Wen
Y Deryn Pur Merch Megan
Berwyn Cariad Pur

Traditional Irish

Danny Boy Give Me Your Hand
Lord Galway's Lamentation Carolan's Welcome
Carolan's Concerto Don Oiche Ud I mBheithil

Traditional Scottish

My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose Lament For A Blind Harper
The Mermaid's Song Och Nan Och, 'smi fo leireadh
The Ancient Sports Of The Glen Cruit gun Cheis, Ceall gun Aba

Traditional Jewish

Chorsha ha Eucaliptus Mi Yitnami Of

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